Going Postal


About Us

Going Postal T-Shirts is about the funky, the classic, and the timeless. No snarky pop-culture references, just beautiful vintage art.

Our main obsession is with postal art, the wonderfully detailed images on postage stamps. Today, the prevalancy of email means that there are fewer postage stamps in use. That's a shame. Sure they're small, but they're often colorful and quite beautiful. Postage stamps allow a unique view into other cultures, giving us a glimpse of what people in other countries, and other periods in history, found important.

Even if you'll never be a stamp collector, we're sure you'll enjoy looking at all the postal art on our site, and wearing it on a t-shirt. We take the miniature masterpieces and enlarge them so it's easy to see all the details and beauty. We print them on your choice of t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, sweatshirts, hoodies, or tote bags. Some of our images were chosen because they are simply gorgeous, others were chosen because they commemorate an important person or event, still others because of their head-scratching strangeness.

Our postal art t-shirts are a great way to show your ethnic pride, or your love of certain sport, hobby, or animal.

As you browse our categories, you're likely to notice stamps from countries you've never heard of (Saargebiet, Tuva, Fernando Poo). Some of them are former colonies, some are countries that have been subsumed by other countries when borders were redrawn during and after war, some are countries that have changed their names, some were never "real" countries at all, but were unsuccessful attempts at revolution (because I'm sure you'll agree that issuing postage is the first step in any successful uprising). Uncovering these historical oddities is another interesting outcome of running this site.

In addition to t-shirts with postage stamp art, we also offer vintage cigar label shirts, vintage advertising art shirts, and shirts with stamps that aren't postal, such as state-issued tax stamps for alcohol and marijuana.

Spend some time with us, and we're sure you'll find something you love. And when your friends ask you where you got your awesome new tee, be sure to tell them to visit Going Postal T-Shirts!