Going Postal

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Pozdrav Od Certa!

Krampus Car T-Shirt
L o a d i n g . . .
Pozdrav Od Certa!

Greetings from Krampus!

Certa is another name for Krampus, in case you were wondering.

Here is Krampus in his old-timey automobile, stealing away this poor, misbehaving child. Sorry kid, if you didn't want to go to hell you should have minded your manners!

In Alpine folklore the Krampus is sort of like St Nicholas's sidekick. While Santa rewards the good boys and girls, the Krampus gets to punish the wicked. He beats naughty children with switches and chains, and then carts them off to hell in a basket. Makes that lump of coal in your stocking seem not so bad, wouldn't you say?

Buy this amazing Krampus t-shirt to to show your irreverent style.


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