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Sivas Sheepdog Turk

Sivas Sheepdog T Shirt
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Sivas Sheepdog Turk

Kangal Dog T-Shirt - The Kangal dog, sometimes called the Sivas Sheepdog, is from the Sivas Province in Turkey. They are similar to Mastiffs, reaching in the neighborhood of 130-140 pounds when full-grown. The name "sheepdog" might be a little bit misleading. They are not herding dogs, but rather livestock guardians. They are so good at their job, in fact, that they are now used in Namibia and Kenya to protect livestock from cheetah attacks. This is great news for the cheetahs, ironically, because with the Kangals around to scare them off, they are less likely to be killed by farmers. Before the use of Kangals, the average farmer killed 19 cheetahs annually. Now that's down to less than 3. Plus livestock losses have been cuty by more than 80%. The dog lover in your life will appreciate this handsome Sivas sheepdog t-shirt!


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