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Yorkie T Shirt
L o a d i n g . . .

Yorkshire Terrier T-Shirt - It may be hard to believe, given their long, silky coat and their owners' habit of decorating them with ribbons (like this cutie), but Yorkies were originally bred in Yorkshire, England to hunt vermin in fabric mills. These days, Yorkies are very popular pets, often named New York City's favorite. One Yorkie that didn't mind getting her paws dirty was Smoky, a World War II vet. She was found by an American soldier in an abandonded foxhole in the New Guinea jungle, and didn't understand commands in either English or Japanese. No one is sure where she came from. She stayed with Corporal William Wynne through his time in the service, earning eight battle stars. Her most notable feat was running a communication wire through a narrow underground pipe in Luzon, Philippines, accomplishing in minutes a job that would have taken a human crew several days. After the war, Smoky enjoyed a degree of celebrity in the States, appearing on her own Cleveland area TV show. The dog lover in your life will appreciate this adorable Yorkie t-shirt!


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