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Sonar Bat

Sonar Bat T Shirt
L o a d i n g . . .
Sonar Bat Sonar Bat

Halloween Bat T-Shirt - This is not the Bat-Signal. This is a North Korean stamp celebrating bioengineering. Seriously. My Korean is rusty (read nonexistent) so I don't know if Kim Jong Il is taking credit for inventing sonar, or maybe even bats, or if there's something less insane going on and they're simply explaining that bat sonar is not unlike radar and satellite communications. Whatever the deal is, this flying mammal would love to help you celebrate Halloween, or just your love of winged creatures.

If you have this printed on a canvas tote, it makes a spooktacular Trick or Treat bag! 

You'll love this spooky Halloween bat t-shirt. 


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