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Die Von Schiel Arms

Die Von Schiel Arms T Shirt
L o a d i n g . . .
Die Von Schiel Arms

Liechtenstein Coat of Arms T-Shirt - Liechtenstein is a tiny little country landlocked in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria. It's only 61.7 square miles and has a population of 35,000. This stamp comes from a series celebrating the Arms of Triesen Families. Triesen is the third largest municipality in Liechtenstein, with a whopping 4,600 residents. I imagine that if you live in Liechtenstein, you eventually get your very own postage stamp. It's pretty much inevitable. The Die Von Schiel family arms feature a griffin weilding a sword, because an unarmed griffin isn't quite scary enough. The helmet with its own armed griffin on top looks a bit cumbersome, but was probably quite intimidating on the battlefield. You'll love this awesome griffin coat of arms t-shirt. 


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