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Berlin Airlift

Berlin Airlift T-Shirt
L o a d i n g . . .
Berlin Airlift

The ten airplanes on this airplane t-shirt have a big job to do! They symbolize the entire Berlin Luftbrücke, the Berlin Airlift. Following World War II, Germany was occupied by a multinational force. In 1948 the Soviet Union began the Berlin Blockade, preventing the Western Allies road and railway access to their sectors of Berlin in hopes of gaining practical control of the entire city. The West organized the Berlin Airlift to ferry supplies into West Berlin. In one year over 200,000 flights provided fuel and food to Berliners. When the blockade was lifted in May 1949, it resulted in the division of Germany and Berlin into East and West. This aviation stamp commemorates the 10th anniversary of that epic airlift. You'll be proud to wear this airplane t-shirt.



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